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5 Ways to Attract the Best Tenants

5 Ways to Attract the Best Tenants

Attracting the best tenants for a rental property is crucial to having a successful rental business. The best tenants are those that take care of the property, pay the rent on time, and are willing to cooperate with whatever rules and regulations the landlord establishes. Unfortunately, the best tenants are often difficult to find, so it’s important to utilize various strategies to make sure the right people are interested in the property. 

Let’s explore together some of the best ways to attract the best tenants.

Good presentation

Having a well-presented home is key to finding the perfect tenants. By making sure the entryway and common areas are free from clutter and junk mail, and investing in more significant improvements such as fresh paint, stylish décor and new fixtures, landlords can ensure that tenants have a positive first impression of the property and make renting it an attractive prospect.

While it may initially be difficult to make these changes, the investment in a high-quality house presentation will pay off in the long run. By presenting the house in its best possible condition, the landlord will be able to attract tenants who are willing to pay fair market rent. If the home is well-maintained and presented, tenants will be far more likely to want to stay in the house for longer, providing the landlord with a more stable income and reducing the costs of having to find new tenants regularly.

Insightful description

Create a detailed description of the property that highlights its great features. Taking photos of the property and making them available to potential tenants can also help. A detailed description should include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, neighborhood information, and the cost of the rent. It’s also important to mention any extras that are included with the rental, such as an outdoor patio or central air conditioning. Good tenants often have choices and if the description doesn’t give them enough details to pursue a deal with you, they will likely not bother. 

Online marketing 

The essential tool for online marketing is an online rental listing service. These services, such as Craigslist and Zillow, allow landlords to create, post and manage listings of their rental properties. They can also take advantage of advanced tools like geolocation filtering to reach an audience that is in their target area. Additionally, a well-crafted listing, complete with photos and a detailed description of the property, can help to peak the interest of potential tenants. Further, landlords can reach an even larger audience by using social media networks to market their rental property. Through posts, videos, stories, and even ads, landlords can promote their rentals and reach a much larger audience. According to these Phoenix property managers, online marketing gives landlords the opportunity to efficiently and cost-effectively market their rental properties to potential tenants.

Clear application process

Having a consistent and organized application process is key. This process should include thoroughly reviewing any potential tenant’s financial history, credit score, and background check. A formal application procedure helps ensure that all applicants are treated equally and that the right people are considered for the property.

Also, make sure your application process is fast and efficient. The best tenants tend to come to the market quickly and are often in the process of shopping around for the best deal. If your application process is long and cumbersome, you risk losing those tenants to another landlord or property. Streamline your process and make it as frictionless as possible.


Incentives can come in many forms, such as rent discounts, waived application fees, and even a cash bonus. Rent discounts can provide more value for tenants, making their monthly rent more affordable. Waiving application fees can make it easier for tenants to apply and reduce the costs associated with moving in. Cash bonuses can give tenants a financial cushion to cover moving expenses or furniture costs. Offering an incentive can also give tenants the peace of mind that they have made the right decision to rent from you.

Attracting tenants can be made easier if you offer incentives that make your property stand out from its competitors. This could be anything from a welcome gift basket on their arrival, hosting a tenant appreciation day, providing a storage unit to tenants, or even offering a community discount to local businesses. These types of incentives can draw in tenants and help them make the decision to rent from you. Offering incentives provide an extra advantage that can help you fill vacancies quickly, making your property more attractive to potential tenants.


A vacant rental property can quickly be occupied with the right strategies that attract prospects. Strategies and their executions have to become better and better as the market gets more and more competitive. 

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