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5 Ways to Attract the Best Tenants

Attracting the best tenants for a rental property is crucial to having a successful rental business. The best tenants are those that take care of the property, pay the rent on time, and are willing to... read more >>

Things Your Tenant Should Not Be Allowed To Do

Tenants need to be held accountable for their actions, and the landlords need to establish clear expectations for behavior in the rental agreement. While most tenants are respectful and responsible, s... read more >>

Four Tips Landlords Must Know

Having a rental property or more is like a small business. You have to watch over it. It comes with many exciting and fun parts, as well as many challenges. As a landlord, there are many details to st... read more >>

Signs of a Good Property Manager

Signs of a Good Property Manager
While many people believe landlords have it easy, that they just own property and get money from the people living in it, it’s often a job that gets taken for granted. Being a landlord is time-c... read more >>

Property Maintenance Tips that Save You Cash

Property Maintenance Tips that Save You Cash
Every rental property owner is scared of the day when their property needs expensive repairs for which they have to break the bank. Whether it's the property's roof or the air conditioner, the... read more >>
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