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Plano Property Management

CW Sparks is the right choice for all your rental needs

We provide a full suite of affordable property management services for our clients. Individuals and investors rely on us to manage an extensive portfolio of single-family, multi-family, townhomes, condos, and commercial real estate in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. Inquire now to see how we can help you!

Benefits of using CW Sparks Management

  • LESS hassle - We handle everything.
  • LESS vacancy - 21 day lease guarantee.
  • LESS turnover - Avg occupancy is nearly 3 yrs.
  • BETTER books - On time and accurate.
  • BETTER service - 24/7/365 maintenance & online portals.
  • BETTER income - Our service often pays for itself.
  • BETTER protection - Shield against Rent Loss, Evictions, Tenant Damage, & more.

Contact us now for a free consultation, and solve your rental property problem today!

What we do as your TX licensed Property Manager:

  • Multi-channel rental marketing
  • Deep screen rental applications
  • Execute a rock-solid lease contract
  • Rent income collection & accounting
  • Full service, 24/7/365 maintenance
  • Comprehensive market analysis
  • Make ready scope development, management, & oversight
  • Regulatory, and contract compliance
  • Eviction suit filings
  • Full Tenant and vendor interface
  • Marketing

    We lease our properties fast. Simply putting a sign in the yard and posting online doesn’t cut it. Before your property is even listed, we’ve developed a marketing strategy for it. We analyze both MLS and non-MLS databases to project the most profitable rent rate more accurately than our competitors. We utilize high quality and paid professional photos so your property stands out from the crowd of amateurs. We thoughtfully highlight the best qualities of your property and catalog it’s features for higher display rates in filtered online searches. And although our internet campaigns reach several hundred websites and tens of thousands of actively searching tenants, we also use offline marketing, print marketing, and networking to fill vacancies. When it comes to showing properties, we work alongside our 24/7 on-demand showing system so that all tenants are serviced quickly, and no prospect is lost to scheduling conflicts. Why do all this? Because it pays to be best.
  • Tenant Screening

    Bad tenants exist. Great tenants are rare. We strongly disagree with the “first come, first serve” stance that a shocking number of management companies use to process apps. Why? Because they end up approving “acceptable” tenants instead of “GREAT” tenants, simply because the acceptable tenant applied a little earlier. Rather than processing applications one by one, we process all apps simultaneously. We take the best from the bunch, and present their qualifications to you for final approval.

    The single most important step for successful leasing is quality screening. Your lease will not make a bad tenant good, no matter how long it is. We use phone interviews and in-depth, multi-layered background checks performed by experienced staff trained to ferret out lies and issues. Our level of investigation is practically impossible for non-professional landlords to perform. Our searches include Credit, Criminal, Terrorist, Sex Offender, Phone Records, Tax Records, Landlord History, Employment, ID, Fraud Detection, and more. And of course, we do it all within the guidelines of the Federal Fair Housing Act and Texas state law.

    What does all this extra work get you?
    Our average tenant stay is just under 3 years, and the vast majority receive a refund of their security deposit because they upheld the lease terms.

  • Rent Collection

    Did you know that you will have a harder time and lower probability of collecting rent without us? Studies and industry experience show that landlords who interface directly with a tenant to collect rent generally have a harder time collecting than a professional property management company. Why is that? For the same reason that professional athletes hire agents to negotiate multi-million dollar deals - we play hardball.

    As the tenant develops an ongoing relationship directly with a landlord, it’s extremely common for the tenant to begin asking the landlord for favors little by little, perhaps even unintentionally. A rent concession here, a needless repair there...unless the owner is uncommonly resolute, a direct relationship will cost them more and more over the long term. Not only that, but it’s nearly impossible for the owner to not get dragged into the tenant’s personal life. Finally, does anyone enjoy hounding a person for money? Tracking partial payment and delayed checks, issuing receipts and sending legal this fun?

    With us it’s SIMPLE. Tenant’s pay online, we deposit into your account. Like CLOCKWORK.

  • Maintenance

    Excellent management can’t happen without excellent maintenance. The contractors we use provide quality service at below market prices. One survey showed that 1 out of 5 tenants listed property condition as the very top reason they left, but it was also listed as a contributing factor even more often than that. Tenant turnover kills profits, and properties don’t repair themselves. When a sewer line breaks or an hvac system goes down, we respond fast to repair the item quickly and inexpensively. We provide industry leading repair quote prices, which in some cases are 15-35% lower than quotes owners receive from other management companies. We’ve made the mistake in the past of allowing some owners to refuse to do necessary repairs. Not only is this unfair to the tenant, but it’s a money-loser. All of our Owners can choose to decide the best route to take, but we ask that you make that decision quickly as we are working hard to provide good service to both you and your tenant.
  • Financial Reporting

    Don’t be left in the dark. With our crystal-clear financial reporting tools, it's never been easier to understand your investment. Log into your owner portal to view statements and stay up-to-date on your current performance. Each and every month like clockwork, you’ll receive an owner packet that includes a consolidated cash flow statement, individual property statement, copies of work orders, and the corresponding color invoices and paid bills. Tax reporting is easy - simply forward our easy-to-read YTD statement and 1099 to your tax preparer and be done in minutes.
  • Added Protection

    Leasing is profitable, but one wrong move and it can get ugly QUICK. Now you no longer have to worry. Concerned about evictions? Simply signup for our Eviction Protection program, and your eviction expenses will be covered at no additional cost. Can’t afford to lose rent? Enroll in our Rent Loss Protection program and breathe easy. Afraid of potential tenant damage? Signup for our Damage Protection program and set your mind at ease. From day 1, we have your back.

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